Saturday, July 7, 2012

Shampoo for Scabies

If you have scabies in your scalp, you will need medicated shampoo that can kill the mites and help the scalp to rehabilitate. There are few products on the market that can help you to eliminate scabies from your hair. The problem with most of the shampoo for scabies is that it is made with harsh chemicals. Using chemicals on your scalp can suppress the immune system of the skin and trigger some other scalp problems.

The Scabiesin Shampoo was specifically formulated to kill scalp scabies. Natural formula of this product contains strong blend of anti scabies oils, it enriched with herbal extracts and minerals. Scabiesin kills the scalp mites fast, it eliminates symptoms and signs of scabies. This shampoo helps to washe away scabies mites, it nourishes and cleanses hair follicles, strengthens the immune system of the scalp, prevents scabies form returning.

The shampoo repairs hair damaged by scabies, helps to rehabilitate post scabies skin. It will not dry or irritate your scalp, has light, refreshing scent. Suitable for all hair types. For best results and effective treatment. For most effective treatment, the Scabiesin shampoo must be used with Scabiesin medicated hair conditioner. Combination of these two hair products will eliminate scabies from your scalp without any side effects.



  1. Scabiesin shampoo for scabies works very good, it took about three weeks for me to get rid of the mites but the relief from scalp itching you get right away. Ovante who sell this shampoo also has hair conditioner. i used both the shampoo and hair conditioned both are anti scbaies