Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tea Tree Oil For Scabies

Scabies diagnosis is often done through a visual microscopic observation of skin scales, taken from suspicious lesions. The presence of the mite (Sarcoptes scabiei) and its eggs are enough for a quick diagnosis of scabies. It causes intense itching, mainly evening or night; it is often localized to the hands, armpits and around the navel of both adults and children.

The parasite is a micro-organism that always needs a host (in this case human) to live, lay eggs and reproduce. The infected will suffer from them, even if they take two or three showers a day. The scabies mite is hidden under the skin; it digs tunnels (a biological bunker) that keep it safe from shower gel and sponges. The tunnel is the typical manifestation of scabies, but it is difficult to appreciate with the naked eye. The lateral surface of the fingers, wrists, armpits, abdomen, breasts and genitals are the areas most at risk. At times, there may be small signs such as those of an insect bite along with the obvious signs of scratching.

If the first microscopic examination is negative but there is a strong clinical suspicion, then we must repeat the test. It is usually only ruled out after you have done three negative microscopic investigations, taking scales from different areas of the body can help to rule it out.

The best way to Cure scabies is through consultation with your doctor. The therapy is very simple and consists of specific drugs that serve to eliminate the mite and its eggs, along with applying medication to the surface of the skin. Treatments are varied because some people are more responsive to one form of treatment than other people are. In addition, once the mite has spread around your house, clothes, car and workplace, it is very hard to stop a reoccurrence. This is especially true if more than one person in the household has the parasite. If more than one person is infected, then he/she should also visit a doctor.

The same treatment is often recommended to be performed by each patient, the patient’s family and those who have had a direct and prolonged contact with the affected person. If this is a lot of people then you may have to go on a Killing Scabies spree and really sanitise your house. Therefore, treatment should be performed even by those without symptoms, as they may be carrying scabies mites. The incubation period can last from 3 to 6 weeks. This is the reason people use the doctors prescribed treatments to Kill scabies, and back it up with Tee tree oil treatment for Scabies.

Does tea tree oil Kill Scabies? Ironically, no it does not, as least not in the way that drugs and creams do. They can swim in Tea tree oil for days. It is however toxic if they eat it. Tea Tree oil is mainly a fungus and bacteria killer, which means using Tea tree oil for Scabies ailments such as further infection is a great idea. As a side effect, it will also reduce the numbers of scabies mites. It is a good preventative medication.

People with acne do sometimes use a soap or medication with added tea tree, because of its antibacterial agents, but little do they know that they are also using a Tea tree Scabies preventative treatment, so they are far less likely to suffer with scabies (and lets face it, if they have acne, then they have enough problems).

Drugs for scabies (when applied) may irritate the skin to facilitate penetration of the active ingredient into the bunker and kill the mite. All areas of the body should be treated (no exaggeration) in the application of the drug. Usually the bigger drug/cream/lotion treatment is repeated after a week to remove any mites that escaped during the first cycle of therapy and to catch any others that have hopped back on from the household furniture, door handles, car, etc.

A warm shower before applying the medication helps the absorption of the active ingredient. It is not recommended that you use Tea tree oil the same day as you use the scabies killing medications. Leave it a day or two, and then start applying tea tree oil products. It’s quite normal during any cycle of therapy using a medicated lotion/cream that you may feel an itch, resulting in irritation. Continuous hydration creams will help to restore the outer layer of skin.

The scabies mite is a parasite and dies if it is away from our skin for 2-3 days. This means that bonfires full of mattresses, bedding, sofas and carpets are not necessary; simply stay out of the house for a weekend, after you have cleaned the dust out of it. Use high temperature wash the linen, carpets, sofa covers, bed sheets, mattress covers and pillowcases and high temperature wash all clothing, including towels and bathrobes. After you have done this then take a weekend holiday somewhere, and all the mites remaining in your house will be dead.

At the end of the therapy, using both Tea tree oil and Scabies medication a specialist must confirm the patient's clinical recovery. After successful treatment, the itching disappears within a few days. Even if your house still has them in, the symptoms will rarely return within 2-4 weeks. For this reason, you are better off continuing to use Scabiesin products that have Tea Tree oil (and other oils) for a few weeks after you are cured. That way you will prevent further infection and will be able to kill off any remaining mites that were resistant to the drugs and/or medications (creams/lotions).



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