Saturday, August 4, 2012

Scabies Shampoo for Humans or Dogs

Scabies is caused by the parasite Sarcoptes scabei. This parasite thrives well in various parts of the body without the exception of your scalp. Scabies can affect both humans and animals. It has been claimed that poor living conditions such as living in crowded areas or having close skin to skin contact with infected individuals can increase the risk of acquiring this disease.

Symptoms often include the classic itching, which can aggravate especially at night because that is the time that the parasites are active. Scaling and the appearance of crusty skin might also appear in your scalp. This might be mistaken for dandruff when not closely inspected. Pimples can also appear as the normal reaction of your body to the parasite. Rashes can also develop and can even spread to your neck. In case you have a strong allergic reaction to the scabies parasite, sores might be apparent which can be irritating and most of the time painful. If left untreated, infection might surface causing more pain and feverish episodes.

Scalp scabies can be treated in a number of ways. You can apply several scabicidal shampoos over the affected area. Turpentine oil can be diluted with your usual conditioners to help relieve the symptoms. Leave the solution on your scalp overnight and rinse it thoroughly the following day.

Once diagnosed, some dermatologist will prescribe that you use lindane 1 percent shampoo which is formulated for those with scabies. Remember not to use this product in other parts of your body affected with scabies. Use lindane shampoo as per instruction given by your health care provider. Do not use any other condtioner with this product. Your hair must be completely dry before you apply this shampoo on your scalp and hair. Use a pair of latex gloves when you apply the shampoo. Leave it for five minutes, then gradually build lather, afterwards rinse the product thoroughly.

You can also apply sulfur creams. Set up a bath before retiring for the day and then apply the cream all over your body including your scalp. Repeat this process three days in a row. On the fourth day, you can have a regular bath already.

Permetherin is also used to treat scalp scabies, but only adults are supposed to use this product. Take a bath and then apply this cream all over your body, your scalp not excluded. Leave the cream for eight to ten hours and then rinse off thoroughly with water.

Lice soap can also be applied on the scalp to eradicate the presence of mites.

Natural remedies for the treatment of scalp scabies in both humans and dogs include the use of natural oils that should be applied regularly over the affected area.

Tea tree oil has natural antifungal and anti bacterial properties. It is effective when used to treat scabies. Apply the oil over the affected area, but make sure to dilute it with carrier oil as this substance has fairly strong properties.

Another natural oil that you can consider is neem oil. This is a natural remedy that is vastly used to eliminate skin infections. You should apply drops of neem oil over the affected area, twice daily. You can also soak in a warm tub filled with neem oil to soothe the symptoms of scabies especially itching.

Scabies found on humans or dogs can be treated using conditioners and other shampoos. These chemical options are thought to be effective in treating scalp scabies but it can burn a hole in your pockets. Why not consider taking the alternative route and embrace natural remedies instead? Tea tree and neem oil is found in great variety in your surroundings. These are more effective and can provide you with lasting results.



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