Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sulfur Products for People with Scabies

Sulphur was used from as long ago as 25AD to kill scabies mites. These days it is more commonly used in a bar of soap with between 1 and 10% sulphur within. Washing around 4 times per day, head to foot is usually enough.

Permethrin at 5% is used as a topical medicated cream and is most peoples scabies solution choice. Its toxic nature means that it is prone to create allergic reactions in some people. It is usually put on before a person goes to bed so that it can soak into the skin for around eight hours. It should then be washed off in the morning.

Eurax (USP Crotamiton) is a way of helping to cure the itching caused by scabies. It won’t answer your questions about what will kill scabies, but it will help to stop the irritation.

Malathion may be applied for around 24 hours and is often good for wiping out both the eggs and the adult mites.

Lindane lotion may be your choice of medication if you are in the USA, and is often used as a secondary/ backup treatment if the primary treatment is not having a very good effect. It’s illegal in seventeen countries and there are thirty three countries that have limited the drugs usage.

There is a 10% sulphur mixed petroleum jelly product which may or may not work, and does not need a prescription for its use. It is sometimes favoured by pregnant women whom are very restricted on treatment choices.

Neem oil may be used as a treatment for the parasitic mites that cause scabies. This is often recommended to people whom are sensitive to the chemical based treatments. Neem has not yet seen any cases of mites becoming resistant to it, so it is often a last choice when all else fails. If you are asking how do I kill scabies, then Neem oil may be your last hope.

Tea Tree oil at a concentration of 5% has been known to be effective in some cases, but it is often used as a last resort when other treatments have not worked. There is a little controversy as to how deeply the oil can penetrate without other active ingredients. This has also led to questions about how frequently it should be used.

So if you are wondering: how do you kill scabies with a pill, then try ivermectin. One dosage of ivermectin seems to show good results, with some people seeing a massive reduction in mite infestation. The lucky ones will have a second dose within two weeks and be cured. Unlike a topical cream, it’s treatment is quick and easy. There are however quite a few side effects that may affect the person being treated.

There is not currently a vaccine for scabies mites and the risks of re-infection are often very high. A person may be asymptomatic for quite a while without knowing that they are re-infected. People should make sure to correctly remove the mites from furniture, carpets, bedding, rugs, floors, baths, showers, clothing, shoes and door handles.

There are also options to help combat itchiness which include antihistamines like chlorphenamine.



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