Thursday, July 5, 2012

Skin Scabies Native Remedies and Natural Medicine to Kill Scabies

Skin Scabies is a highly contagious skin disease predominantly characterized of intense itching, especially at night, which is caused by an infestation of itch mite called Sarcoptes scabiei. These tiny, burrowing, 1/3 millimeter long mites have been discovered in infesting humans for more than 2500 years already. They strike anywhere in the world, and had a whooping occurrence record of 300 million cases each year.

Any person can get scabies through a prolonged skin-to-skin contact such as hugging, holding hands and/or having sexual contacts with an infected individual. High chances of getting scabies can also occur if a person tends to share clothes or is sharing the same bed with an infected individual. In most cases, scabies can easily spread in common places where there are constant skin contacts – this actually includes day care centers, schools, hospitals and/or nursing homes. People should know that these mites can live 24-36 hours off from their host’s body like in clothes, bed sheets, mattresses, and pillows.

These mites spare no one – targets all ages, rich and poor, clean and unclean, healthy and unhealthy people.

Having this particular skin disease is actually like sleeping with your enemies. Symptoms of such may not appear for about two months from the day of infection. Even in the absence of symptoms, Sarcoptes scabiei transform you into a silent resident evil, a carrier which can directly contaminate your family members at once. They will never give you a hint until these mites reproduce at a critical mass at which point you feel like scratching endlessly.

Scabies produces skin rashes which can be identified as small red bumps, blisters and scaly appearance in particular body parts including the following: webs in between the fingers and toes, buttocks, areas around the nipples, sides and backs of the feet, wrists, back of the elbows, around the waist, and both male and female genital areas.

Norwegian or crusted scabies is a severe type of scabies which is usually present in people with compromised immune system or are in certain health condition which reduces the strength of a person’s immune system.

Though rare, facial and scalp scabies are usually apparent in very young children and in elderly persons (usually those who are bed-bound). It appears exactly the same scabies’ yield rash as in any part of the body. People who experience facial and scalp scabies tends to stay at home because it appears more evident and obvious – aside from its relentless itchy feeling and irritating discomfort, it does look unpleasant.

Getting rid of scabies is genuinely a universal demand of both infected and not infected people. However, Sarcoptes scabiei play things intelligently! They are deceiving mites which usually poses like a small pimple or mosquito/bedbug bite leading to misdiagnosis. Skin scraping test is the best process to define correct diagnosis of such disease.

The classical existence of scabies infestation had brought humanity in varied treatment options. Scarbicides, may be taken orally or may be in a form of creams that were applied like ointments in the affected areas are among the most famous medication prescribed by our physicians. Though were effective, scabicide drugs presently fail to get the general recommendation for treating scabies. Major reason for this is their toxic side effects to the patients which could cause cancer. Below are some of the scarbicides with their limitations and/or proven side effects to the patients.

Cream of Lindane can cause seizure when absorbed through skin and should not be used in nursing or pregnant women, elderly and children below 2 years of age.
Ivermectin is not an FDA approved drug for scabies because it has high toxic side effects.
Permethrin has toxic side effects.
Crotamiton is not approved for its use in children.
Sulfur in petrolatum is not an FDA approved for treatment of scabies.
Scabiesin is a whole line of new - NATURAL anti scabies products. Scabiesin has everything one with scabies need to get rid of the mites. They even have shampoo for scabies and a Anti Scabies Body Mask that can help to kill scabies very fast. The fact that Scabiesin products are natural, it makes treatment of scabies much much safer compare to such harsh chemicals as: Permethrin, Ivermectin etc.

Lack of information with such could even cause greater future complications and problems to the patients. In using the mentioned scarbicides, we are actually curing one illness while at the same time creating another one.

Hence, a better, effective, and safer alternative treatment for scabies can still be achieved when we go natural. All we need to do is to understand the real score of scabies and be naturally resourceful. To mention some natural way of discarding scabies is the use of tea tree oil, apricot, garlic, onions and neem leaf paste. Presently, non-toxic and organic ready-to-use products are already being sold in the market.

Going natural is still the best choice to fight scabies! - Treatments that cannot do harm in our children, elders, pregnant or nursing mothers. Treatments that is not expensive yet effective. And, treatments that drive us away from getting cancer. Scabiesin is natural Body Mask that was specifically formulated for killing scabies, eliminate the skin infection and prevent the mites from returning. This unique product don't have sulfur or other skin irritants. Neem oil, lemon grass, and few other natural oils can effectively kill even full blown scabies without harming, irritating or drying the skin.



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