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Neck and Face Scabies Treatment and Symptoms

Scabies or the itch mites has been known for centuries. This is an intense form of itching caused by a tiny skin creature known as the itch mite. The condition is highly contagious and can affects most parts of the human body. Scabies mites can even migrate on to the face and the neck. Human scalp can be infected with scabies as well.

This skin problem is rarely seen in a good hygienic environment. Scabies mites attacking the poor hygienic areas where people are congested and are displaced in a form of disaster and other calamities.

How scabies or the itch mites attack people?

The female itch mite burrows under the outer layer of the skin and scalp depositing her eggs along the tunnels. Within few days the larvae hatch and then tend to congregate around the hair follicles of the skin.

How the Scabies on scalp are transmitted?

The itch mites is readily transmitted from one person to the other through touching or contamination from the fresh lesions of the scabies and touch your skin and penetrate into the hair follicles of your skin and then it starts to hatch its eggs and itchiness will take place or direct skin to skin contact. There fore whenever a genuine case of scabies occurs, the whole family should be treated.

What are its symptoms of Neck and Face Scabies?

Itchiness and usually worst at night. Often it involves the genital area, as well as the spaces between the fingers, to the front of the wrist, around the elbows under the armpits, along the nipples, along the belt lines and on the lower parts of the buttocks. Often there is swelling of the affected areas and the scratch marks are visible over the irritated areas and lesions on the skin will be the result.

In severe cases of scabies, the lesions are swelling and are having pus. It means there is an ongoing severe infection of the skin.

Redness will be seen on the affected parts. The patient will experience pain and very irritable due to itchiness.

Treatment for Facial and Body scabies:

Soak the body within twenty minutes in a hot bath using plenty of soap. Scrub thoroughly the affected areas with the germicidal soap. After doing such soaking and scrubbing, apply 25% emulsion of benzyl benzoate. Cover the entire body with this solution, from the neck down to the toes, both back and front.

Repeat the procedure the next morning. All the clothing should be given thorough laundering and the outer area should be dry and press with a hot iron. If benzyl benzoate is not applicable, apply sulfur ointment. This is common in the market and you can avail it easily. You can apply 10% sulfur for the adult and 5% sulfur ointment for the children. Apply this on three successive nights. Apply calamine solution to control the itch. For severely inflamed area, do not scratch, just apply neomycin ointment.

How to prevent scabies mites crawling from face on to the scalp?

Proper hygiene is very important to prevent infestation of scabies in your place.
Avoid come in contact with people with scabies as much as possible.
Always keep the environment clean and fresh. If scabies has attack your home, all members must be treated, as well as the same with the one with scabies.
Avoid eating foods that can provoke the scabies to be itchy such as, salty foods, crabs, shrimps and others.

Shampoos for hair scabies:

Scabiesin Natural shampoo made by Ovante cosmetics has very high efficacy, the Scabiesin is all natural shampoo, it kills scabies on the scalp and helps to rehabilitate the post scabies skin.
Permethrine cream 5 % is widely used for people with scabies that is intended to kill the mites and eggs and rinse it thoroughly.
Oral drugs are also prescribed by the physician to effectively stop scabies.

Natural Remedies for controlling scabies:
The used of sulfur soap and ointments during washing and bathing.
Virgin coconut oil is widely used in areas where coconut is available by making it into oil and applies directly to the affected areas of the scalp.
Application of boiled guava leaves and massages it into the affected areas of the skin and scalp.
Once again, the Scabiesin products: body lotion, the body mask for severe scabies are highly recommended.



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